Tough Mudder Challenge 2017 – Race For Charity

On Saturday September 23rd September 2017, Race For Charity partnered with Mind to deliver a unique fundraising experience, the Tough Mudder Challenge 2017.

This was Race For Charity’s fifth event in a series of very successful annual fundraising events to date. In previous years, it had been noted that participants had been pushing for a focus on mental health issues, which has historically been a taboo subject in society, and so the team wanted to raise awareness and funds to help support this very important aspect of work within our communities here in the UK. After quite a few rounds of consultation, Mind were duly selected, by Race For Charity, as the charity to partner with this year.

Mind have been working on raising awareness around mental health issues for over 70 years now, as well as providing support to those suffering with mental illnesses. Services such as the Mind Infoline and their award-winning publications and web-based services are leading the way in supporting mental health issues here in the UK.

To recognise this incredible partnership, Race For Charity introduced their participants to their most challenging event to date, Tough Mudder Challenge 2017. Participants were tasked with performing a 5-mile run and traversing 13 challenging obstacles along the way. This involved crawling through trenches of mud, climbing a 9-foot wall, scrambling through craters filled with mud, dropping and making their way through pools of ice-cold water and much more.

Such a gruelling event naturally required strong-minded participants that were ready and willing to put their bodies on the line and a total of 26 very brave souls rose to take on that challenge. After much effort and teamwork, shedding blood, sweat and tears along the way in equal measure, each participant successfully completed the challenge, with the winning team completing the course in an incredible 1 hour and 30 minutes!

On completion of the event, which was then followed by weeks of fundraising thereafter in order to achieve their fundraising target, Race For Charity participants raised an incredible total of £6220.25 for Mind.

This year’s Race For Charity Project Manager, Junaid Baig, said, “It was really important for us to continue Race For Charity’s focus on local charities, supporting people here in the UK. The public have been gaining awareness of mental health issues increasingly over the past decade and so it felt natural to work with Mind this year, especially after seeing some of the incredible work that they have been doing. It’s also important to recognise the incredible effort from all of our participants in completing the Tough Mudder Challenge 2017, which was by far our most difficult event yet”.

After another successful year, Race For Charity hopes to continue growing and supporting local UK charities, through fun and innovative events, for many years to come.

A very special thank you to all those who were involved in organising and supporting this very successful event this year.